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11 Videos
React Crash Course (with hooks) Start writing React in under 1 minute. Yes really!
7 Videos
React Hooks Crash Course Hooks let you add state and async effects to your function components. No more classes! (unless you want them). Find out how to use them with this course.
12 Lessons
ES6: The Modern JavaScript You Need to Know JavaScript has come a long way since the day of `var` and `function`. Learn what `() => {}` means, how to use `...` and more! You'll use these techniques everyday while writing React.
10 Lessons
Map/Filter/Reduce Crash Course Map, filter, and reduce are used all the time in React projects. Find out what they are and how to use them in this course.
14 Lessons
Understanding Git Millions of developer use git - but few understand it enough to really get out of trouble when it happens. Learn a new mental model of git with this course that will help you be more productive with your git workflow.